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NFPA Inspection & Installation Sample Form

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Page 1 from a fire alarm testing report

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  • Not required to use NFPA form
  • Custom form MUST NOT require less information

Reprinted with permission from NFPA 72(r)- 1999, National Fire Alarm Code(r), Copyright (c) 1999, National Fire Protection, Quincy, MA. This reprinted material is not the complete and official position of the NFPA on the referenced subject, which is represented only by the standard in its entirety.

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software you can download it by clicking the following link: Adobe Acrobat Reader download page. External Web Site Policy.

The inspection and installation form found in the NFPA 72 is located within the code sections and not in the appendix. What this means is that the information on this form is a requirement for complying with NFPA 72 inspection and testing of fire alarms and not just suggested reading. Inspection and testing forms must include the complete information that is shown on the form found in the code. This does not mean the form in NFPA 72 must be used, but rather that no less information can be required on the inspection and testing forms supplied by the company or individual doing the work.

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