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The following lists all of the videos available as video-on-demand Web casts. Click the name of the video to learn more about that video. Video broadcast dates are subject to change with limited notice. Please check back regularly for updated schedule information.

Video Name ("Home_Health_Agency")Air Date

Dementia in the LTC and HHA Settings

This webcast looks at the management of dementia-related behaviors in both the long-term care and home health settings, paying particular attention to the needs of the caregiver and the relationship between the well-being of the caregiver and the well-being of the care recipient.


Tags: Long Term Care, Home Health Agency


Wound Care

The goal of this broadcast is to provide the viewer with a better understanding on the current state of science in wound care, Accurate Coding for OASIS wound items (M0440-M0488), and Required Assessments between Day 55-60.


Tags: Home Health Agency, OASIS


Home Health Quality Initiative (HHQI)

New HHA requirements – RO, SA, HHA providers.


Tags: Home Health Agency, Non-LTC