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Mental Illness in Nursing Homes

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Air Date: 9/28/2007 1:00:00 PM (Eastern Time) (2 hours 10 minutes)

Course Description: Federal and State Surveyors The purpose of this satellite broadcast is to educate and inform central office and regional office staff, State survey agencies, State Medicaid agencies, and State mental health providers on issues concerning surveying mental illness in nursing homes.


Associated Documents
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Advance Announcement70 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
Advance Announcement37 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
Exercise 132 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
Handouts44 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
Handouts 225 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
HCFA 1071 KB1/14/2009Microsoft PowerPoint.
Maslow Graphic22 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
Mental Illnes in Nursing Homes Rebroadcast Promo98 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
MR in LTC Stat21 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
Nadine Handout42 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.

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