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SCG News Magazine: Legal Ramifications of Surveyors' Failure to Use Best Practices in Documentation, Investigation and Deficiency Writing

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Air Date: 2/29/2008 1:00:00 PM (Eastern Time) (1 hour 30 minutes)

Course Description: Federal and State Surveyors

As a result of participating in the satellite broadcast, the viewing audience will be able to describe the legal repercussions that can occur when survey documentation and investigation are not handled correctly by surveyors, as well as how common errors in the process can be avoided.


As of 03/10/09, this program is no longer approved for IACET CEUs.

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Advance Announcement31 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
Broadcast Promotion78 KB1/14/2009Microsoft Word.
Brookridge Edited Opinion for CMS Webcast39 KB1/14/2009Portable Document Format (PDF).
Emerald Shores edited opinion for CMS webcast37 KB1/14/2009Portable Document Format (PDF).
Glenburney edited opinion for CMS webcast52 KB1/14/2009Portable Document Format (PDF).
Heron Pointe Edited Opinion for CMS webcast38 KB1/14/2009Portable Document Format (PDF).
Lake Mary edited opinion for CMS webcast44 KB1/14/2009Portable Document Format (PDF).

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