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Initiative to Improve Behavioral Health and Reduce the Use of Antipsychotic Medications in Nursing Homes Residents

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Air Date: 3/29/2012 1:00:00 PM (Eastern Time) (1 hour)

Course Description: CMS is developing a national action plan to improve behavioral health management and to safeguard nursing home residents from unnecessary antipsychotic drug use. Through a multidimensional approach including research, public reporting, raising public awareness, regulatory oversight and technical assistance/training, we hope to enhance person-centered care for nursing home residents, particularly those with dementia-related behaviors.


Please read and download the case study prior to viewing the broadcast. The case study takes approximately 10 minutes to review.

Associated Documents
Document NameSizeDocument DateDescription
Agenda79 KB3/19/2012Portable Document Format (PDF).
Final Case Study Handout222 KB3/20/2012Portable Document Format (PDF).
Promo70 KB2/29/2012Portable Document Format (PDF).
Resources and References Handouts77 KB3/28/2012Microsoft PowerPoint.
Speaker Bios177 KB2/29/2012Portable Document Format (PDF).

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