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Surveys Says

The ISTW is a powerful training management tool with a versatile set of features. Mastering those features, taking full advantage of the potential at your fingertips, is the key to harnessing the system for your needs.

That’s where Survey Says comes in. Each episode of The ISTW Podcast will explore a different facet of the system, offering a short, entertaining look at a feature and providing tips and tactics for using it in your work.

Mastering Reports

In "Mastering Reports," Survey Says' first series, we will be exploring the what, why, and how of the ISTW’s robust reporting tools.

Introducing Survey Says (Text)

Welcome to Survey Says! In this inaugural episode, we will discuss the goals of this show and what you can expect from it going forward.
We’d love your feedback. If you have topic suggestions, ideas for improvement, or other comments, get in touch.

Mastering Reports #1: Why Use Reports? (Text)

We discuss the benefits you stand to gain from mastering the ISTW reporting features.

Mastering Reports #2: User Information (Text)

We discuss the importance of completing and verifying user information as it relates to running report.

Mastering Reports #3: If You Generate It, Data Will Come… (Text)

We review the five different report types available to you in the ISTW and their varying uses.

Mastering Reports #4: Applying Filters (Text)

Filters are the essential tool for refining the ISTW’s massive stores of data into useful reports. In this episode, we discuss configuring these filters when running reports.

Mastering Reports #5: Working with the Data (Text)

We discuss the wide spectrum of data available in reports and the ways you can access, print, download, and manipulate it.

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