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Phase 1 Implementation of New Nursing Home Regulations (P1-INNHR)

Class Information


Class Dates: Web-based Training

Status: Guest

Location: Online

Class Description: The Department of Health and Human Services along with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published a Reform of Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities on October 4, 2016.

The training contains information regarding Phase 1 of the New Nursing Home Regulations that will be effective starting November 28, 2016. This information addresses the new language included in the New Nursing Home Regulations, and how Phase 1 will be implemented via the State Operations Manual, F-Tags, and survey process.

This training prepares surveyors to implement Phase 1 requirements. Around this same time, CMS will be releasing a revised version of Appendix PP which retains existing tags and guidance, but incorporates the newly effective regulatory language. We will be releasing a job aid that identifies the F-Tags that have new regulatory language added. This training also address how the survey process will be used to address the regulatory requirements.

Note: There is audio used in this training. If you would like to read the slides without audio, please mute your computer speakers. To download a copy of the slides used in this training, click on the appropriate link in the “Associated Documents” section below.

Prerequisites: None

Course Tags: Long Term Care

Associated Documents
Document NameSizeDocument DateDescription
A Message from CMS106 KB7/27/2017Portable Document Format (PDF).
Phase 1 and F-Tag Transcript221 KB7/27/2017Portable Document Format (PDF).
Phase 1 Implementation of New LTC Regulations Slides2.2 MB7/27/2017Portable Document Format (PDF).
Rationale Benefits Opportunities Slides212 KB7/27/2017Portable Document Format (PDF).
Rationale, Benefits, and Opportunities Transcript95 KB7/27/2017Portable Document Format (PDF).