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RHC and FQHC Basic Training Online Course - Course Menu

Rural Health Clinics (RHC) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) are required to comply with the Federal requirements set forth in the Medicare Conditions for Certification/Conditions for Coverage (CfCs) in order to receive Medicare and/or Medicaid payment. The goal of an RHC survey or FQHC complaint survey is to determine whether the RHC or FQHC complies with its applicable CfCs at 42 CFR 491, Subpart A.

The estimated course completion time for this training is 25 hours.

If you have any questions regarding course related content, please direct all correspondence to

RHC and FQHC Basic Training Online Course - Pre-test (Unavailable)

 Course Introduction

 Module 1: Overview of Rural Health Clinics

 Module 2: Rural Health Clinic Survey Process

 Module 3: Conditions for Certification

 Module 4: Overview of Federally Qualified Health Centers

 Module 5: Decision-Making and Analysis of Findings

Post-Test (Unavailable)

RHC and FQHC Basic Training Online Course - Course Evaluation (Surveyor Only)